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rss 127 weeks ago
Idea popped into my head during class so I drew out a VERY rough sketch.

Do you guys think its worth pursuing? Any ideas/suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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    127 weeks ago
    It looks great but that film was terrible and it's a bit of an affront to star wars?

    The HHG cross isn't a bad idea, but could it be done by referencing the books rather than the film designs?

    Maybe have the earth there rather than the Heart of Gold?
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    127 weeks ago
    Yea I agree with you that the movie makes no comparison to the series.

    I think I will keep a resemblance to the actors so that it is recognizable as to what it is referencing, but you are right.

    The only thing that is going for the Heart of Gold is that it is very similar to the Death Star.

    I'm also thinking of replacing the flying Vogon ships with flying dolphins.

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