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rss 128 weeks ago
Hey everyone!

What do you think about this pokémon design?

I sent it for teefury, it's my first work in this kind of design, did you like it?

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    128 weeks ago
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    128 weeks ago
    To be honest/blunt: It needs a lot of work.

    Not very captivating. It's really simple, and seems kind of thrown together. I also don't really like the caption of what "Oak" is saying.

    If you want to keep this idea, give it a twist and make it sort of more recognizable, or up the creativity/style of it. It needs work.
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    128 weeks ago
    As a Pokemon fan, I really like the general idea. Doing a major clean-up of the orbs would be the first step, maybe trying for a slight 3D effect.

    I agree with Moocat's comment about the Oak dialogue. Definitely nix the "OAK" tag and probably the first sentence entirely. Something catchier, perhaps along the lines of "Make your choice" would get the point across nicely.

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