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rss 128 weeks ago
I currently have the 5 shirts available for trade/sell:

Off World Colonies by robotrobotROBOT - Sold on December 11th
Bounty Hunter by NikHolmes - Sold on December 29th
Bonus Stage by ninjaink - Sold on December 28th at
Froggy's Lament by Dave Perillo - Sold on January 5th
Magical Mystery Friends by BuzzArt - Sold on January 7th at
I didn't want to link, so I suggest going to the teefury facebook page to view the shirts easily.
I am looking for the following in Womens LARGE OR MEDIUM:

Timelord and Proud by TrulyEpic - Sold on December 17th at
1920s Pop Culture Collaboration by RBC_RBA - Sold on December 25th at
Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Castle - Sold on December 31st at
Sloth Bones by ant_atomic - Sold on January 9t
Regan's Tongue by NikHolmes - Sold on January 13th
The Venture Bunch by epiceffect - Sold on January 21st


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