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rss 128 weeks ago
I have 3 shirts that I don't want.
They are Men's Mediums and are...

Baredevil (Naked Daredevil)
Pitbull Hoverboards (Back To The Future)
Off World Colonies (Blade Runner)

These are the shirts I would like...

Best Buddies
Monkeying Around
Destroy All Humans
Doc Fink
Snitches be crazy*
Hogwarts Mail*
Flesh Wound
Death Rock
You Have A New Follower
Guided Tours*
Long Live Charlie Pace*
Adventure Wars*
We Don't Need Roads
Bluth Man Group
Sonic Vortex*
We Don't Need Roads
Super Maui-O!
Bacon & Eggs
The Angels Have The Delorean
Weeping Boos
Dr. Whoville
Timelord and Proud*
A Loner, a Rebel
The Venture Bunch
The Sonic Mark VI
Invaders Must Die

I will also entertain any other trades or buying a new shirt for me. If interested, email me at [email protected]

Happy trading!

*Ones I REEEEEAAAALLLYY want!!! :)

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