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rss 128 weeks ago
Yay! Grab Bag day! :::greedily opens the package::: W00t! Got some I wanted. Hmmmm... not a fan of these ones (the subject matter, not the shirt. Shirts are cool) so, post on the FORUM!

Ryu's Wrecking Service:

and Breaking Bad Calvin & Hobbes:

I was REALLY hoping for these ones:

Class of '85:

1920's Pop Culture:

Invaders Must Die!:

Open to other trades, for sure! Hit me up [email protected]
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    128 weeks ago
    Or any Buffy the Vampire Slayer shirts you might have.
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    128 weeks ago
    I have Class of 1985 and Invaders Must Die (email coming your way aastagorre), willing to trade for something else maybe?

    Also have the following MXXL to trade:
    Sloth Bones
    Lighthouse Lounge
    Night of the Living 8Bit
    Magical Mystery Friends

    Searching for the following from the grab bag (also willing to entertain older designs too numerous to mention)
    Diggory's Favorite Shirt
    Venture Bunch
    Jamie and Adam's Lab
    SciFi Villain Chess
    Machine of Madness
    Sonic Mark VI
    Quantum Cat Curiosity
    Heimlich Heimlich Hippos
    Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter

    [email protected]
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    120 weeks ago
    I emailed you.

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