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rss 129 weeks ago
I just subbed my first design to TeeFury last week, and have a number of other designs in various stages of progress that I am eager to complete so I can submit them as well.
Regarding design submissions and the various color decisions that accompany the whole t-shirt creation process, I'm wondering:
1) Is it at all helpful to the TeeFury staff for designers to suggest specific garment colors (for instance 'Cranberry' as opposed to just generic red) with their subbed designs?
and if so,
2) Is it safe to assume that available t-shirt color options are any of those found on American Apparel's* current 2001 and 2102 garments?

*For some reason, I'm under the impression that I read somewhere that TeeFury printed on AA shirts, but now I can't seem to find any confirmation on that matter.


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