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rss 117 weeks ago
Yes to Oddworld tshirts on Teefury! I would really like to see one of you talented artists do some Oddworld related artwork. I made a little design myself as well, but I only manage to do easypeasy stuff when it comes to computergraphics at the time. Practicing every day :)

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    117 weeks ago
    Hell yeah, great job. Would love some Oddworld tees
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    117 weeks ago
    Hopefulle there are some talented artists around here that loves Oddworld as well so that we might get a kick ass oddshirt soon! :D
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    116 weeks ago
    Hey - I've actually got a couple Oddworld tee concepts floatin' around my skull. One of the concepts is merely mediocre, but I'm quite proud of the 2nd concept and definitely intend to turn it into a design worth submitting. Whether Oddworld is considered popular enough for print, or whether my design will strike a chord with any of the curators is of course uncertain... but yeah, I'll give the design my best, see what happens!
    (It'll be awhile though as I've got some other works taking priority right now...)

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