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rss 119 weeks ago

This is my first attempt at the Star Wars Universe and hopefully the Bill Watterson influence isn't lost.

I'm still toying around with the composition of the three in space, but any other concerns or comments on the design are welcomed as always.
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    119 weeks ago
    almost reminds me of the trex from last episode of terranova couped upo in the trnasport comtainer.

    terra nova meets star wars
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    118 weeks ago
    Did that show get any better? I watched the 2 hr pilot and it was so bad it turned me off the whole series.
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    117 weeks ago
    This is amazing! I hope it get's printed!
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    74 weeks ago
    Hey man! While checking out your Sony tee from yesterday, I noticed that you are from The Woodlands. The reason this is relevant, and awesome, is b/c I live in Spring. I would love to see your Avatar: The Last Airbender tee become a reality. That, and us becoming friends...NOT for the sole reason of having you turn all my t-shirt ideas into wearable gold! Also, I'm digging this Star Wars tee. Hit me up on fb or something.
    -Nathan Patterson
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    74 weeks ago
    I lived right on the boarder of the Woodlands and Spring. Near that high school that started with a M. Yeah stop by my facebook and have some punch and pie.
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    73 weeks ago
    Fun idea.

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