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rss 132 weeks ago
So this seems like it has to have been brought up before especially with the artists at least. The pictures used to model the tee do not even come close to what the actual shirt ends up looking like. I've gotten shirts that I was iffy about but when I received it in the mail it looked so much better. My cousin has shirts that I passed on but look completely different than the picture on the website.
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    132 weeks ago
    I've noticed this phenomenon as well, particularly in regards to the size of the prints. For example, Baredevil by Sgelenter is absolutely tiny in comparison to the site mock-up. I'm not looking at it right at this very moment but the print honestly can't be more than 7 inches around, really disappointing.

    Conversely, shirts like Senzu: Energy Bean by ValHolla ended up looking way bigger than the mock-up. At the very least, TeeFury keeps us on our toes.

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