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rss 133 weeks ago
Gotham City's most notorious criminals in a classic police line up. I'm already about 90% done with this one. The gray is just a generic color, it wouldn't necessarily be the final color. I was wondering if I should add text? Maybe have it say "GOTHAM'S MOST WANTED" or something? Right now i feel like it's missing something

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    133 weeks ago
    I think you are at way too many colors as it stands right now. I count 13 (light grey from Catwoman's suit, darker grey from Catwoman's collar on her costume, black, flesh tone, gold, green, brown for the Riddler's hair, purple, white, orange, red, blue, light blue on Mr. Freeze), so obviously that would have to be changed before you submit it. That being said, it's a fun design, though I would try to mix up the order that the villains are standing in, as they currently look like an ad for a Cingular phone when they stand shortest to tallest.

    Other misc. advice:
    -You should add a height scale along the lines in the back to make the image look a little more authentic

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