Hi Teefurians!

Happy New Year from the United Kingdom! I am still looking for the following shirts. I have a bunch of shirts to exchange for them, mostly WL but a couple of ML too. Please contact me at [email protected] if you can help! (I would be interested in worn shirts also if they are in very, very good condition.)

Trader jawa
Tales from the zone
Class of 1985
House Pride (Harry Potter Slytherin crest)
Abbercrombie and Quidditch
Baggins Pawn Shop
Appetite For Eternia
Death By Cuteness
Destroy All Humans
Ode to the Wild Things
Nimbus Broom Company
Zombie Warning
Theatre de la Rebellion
Theatre de la Labyrinth
Extreme Terrestrial
Frog Brothers

Please note I am in the United Kingdom :-) I've gone through a bunch of exchanges lately with peeps who declined at the last minute and so I lost out on tees I wanted so please only contact me if you are happy to sell or exchange and send to the UK. I will be happy to pay extra postage!

Thanks so much everyone! Happy 2012!
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    132 weeks ago
    Shameless bump - my tees are begging for new homes and I am desperate for the tees above as I'm a complete Teeaholic! :)
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    132 weeks ago
    I should also mention I would be willing to consider used ones if they are in very good condition :)

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