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rss 133 weeks ago
I have a brand new Paws Up shirt in Women's Large from my Grab Bag that I would love to trade.

I would love any of the following NEW shirts in Women's Large (Men's Small would also be fine):
Doctor Whoville*
Namaste Poster
Weeping Boos
Johnny's School of Dance
Snozberry Smoothies
Bacon & Eggs*
Sing Along with the Horrible Doctor

These are pretty old, but I'd also like them.
Bluth Man Group*
Donde Esta La Biblioteca
Blue Box Ale

My top choices are marked with a * but please respond if you have any other shirt on my wish list or would like to propose another trade. Please leave your email address. Thanks!
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    132 weeks ago
    Shamelessly bumping up my forum...the offer still stands.
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    130 weeks ago
    Seriously. Someone has to want this shirt.
    Paws Up
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    130 weeks ago
    Hi, I sadly do not have those tees but I do have a question. Size wise, are women's large and men's small comparable? Because, previously I have only had men's tees, now I would like to try a more fitted cut and possibly get a women's tee. I really really really want today's tee so if you could answer I would really appreciate it so much! Thanks!
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    130 weeks ago
    Hi mirij, I have bought both the women's large and men's small. I do think they are comparable in size. I decided I like the women's large better and now only order that one. The women's shirts are more light weight and seem softer. I would try the WL, I think you will enjoy it. You can email me if you have any other questions at: [email protected] Good Luck!
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    130 weeks ago
    Thank you so much!!
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    130 weeks ago
    Peggydowd gave you a pretty thorough response. I would like to add that based on the size chart, the Women's Large is 28 in. long and 17 1/4 in. wide while the Men's Small is 27 in. long and 18 in. wide. Also, if you have any Men's Smalls that you'd like to trade, I'd be open to that. Just thought I'd throw that in there. :-)

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