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rss 133 weeks ago
I have: (all women's small unless otherwise noted)
Brown Serenity Browncoats (Mal riding the ship)
White Fight Club jack playing card
Dark Gray Mobile Infantry Starship Troopers
Light Gray Manhattan Furies
Yellow TTFN Tigger
Red Lo Pan's Chinese Buffet
Light Blue Lost Rock em Sock em (large women's)
Light Gray Hungry Hungry Hippos Strange Eating Habits (Womens Med)

Want to trade for:(Women's Small or Medium, or Men's Small)
Who shirts
Black shirts
Harry Potter
Andre Has A Posse

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    133 weeks ago
    I have in women's medium. Would you be interested in trading for the Firefly shirt?
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    133 weeks ago
    Oh, and my email is coffinwife"at"

    The Cantina one isn't my favorite, but I'm not saying no, just seeing what all is out there...
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    133 weeks ago
    I already traded my shirts, but I'd totally send some $$$ for your fight club shirt. [email protected]
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    133 weeks ago
    Really, I'd pay for Lopan shirt and manhattan furies shirt too.
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    132 weeks ago
    I have "Who Needs a Shirt" in Ladies Medium. Do you still happen to have "TFFN"? I would love to make that trade!
    Pleas e-mail me: [email protected], and I will e-mail you.
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    123 weeks ago
    I know above asked about TTFN, did you end up trading it to them? I have a black "Paws Up" teeshirt that I would be willing to trade for it :) Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested!!

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