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rss 119 weeks ago
So I love Tee Fury tee's and I want to start wearing some, instead of just getting them for my hubby. The ladies tee's are not big enough for my chest and still have the basic issues of men's shirts. Problem is the shape of tee shirts are not too feminine, in my opinion. Has anyone here ever done alterations to the neckline, sleeves and or hemline? I did do a bit of research and saw a few ways to make some alterations but wanted to get more ideas before starting hack away at the few rag shirts I have to play with. These Tee Fury shirts are great so I want to be able to wear these tees in everyday activities so slashing up the sides and back as you may have done for concerts is not what I am looking for.

Any ideas would be helpful, I would like to share ideas I found on creative sewing type sites but I think that is not allowed?!

If you do have instructions or links to share feel free to email me weddings by mindy at yahoo dot com all together no spaces. Thanks!

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