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rss 133 weeks ago
I've noticed there's not a lot of love for the men's small tees in the trade threads, so I figured I'd make a post specifically for it. I get the feeling it's not the most popular size...but I'm loyal to it!

I have for trade Bluth Man Group

don't want anything whedon, dr. who or arrested development related, let me know what you got if you're interested. [email protected] Looking for the theatre labyrinth or ka tet of 19, I know it's a big stretch, but I'm open to other stuff too!
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    132 weeks ago
    Hi, I know this is a Men's Small forum, but I'd love this shirt and all I have to trade is a Women's Large Paws Up. It's about the same size. Let me know if you're interested in getting in touch with your feminine side.

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