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rss 133 weeks ago
Sorry, I know there are so many individual threads, so I apologize for making one more. I have posted in all the existing applicable threads multiple times, however, so I think this is actually my best shot at this point.

I am looking for "The Eleventh Doctor". This is NOT the more recent "Eleven Doctors."

I will buy any size. Ideal, however, is a Women's Large or a Men's Small/Medium.

I will buy almost any condition - it does not have to be new, but I do request that it's in good shape. No holes, stains, or damage to the design, please!

Please contact me via email at [email protected] if you are willing to part with this shirt, and we can negotiate! Please mention Teefury in the subject line.

NOTE: If anyone is interested in a trade, I have "You Sunk My Battlestar" in WL and "Hench" in MM up for trade.
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    133 weeks ago
    Sorry I'm annoying.

    also: Looking to buy or trade for "He's Dead, Jim" (Star Trek redshirts shirt) in WL or MM. Thanks!
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    132 weeks ago
    I have He's Dead Jim in MXL if you have any interest whatsoever.

    s[email protected]

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