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rss 134 weeks ago
Hey everybody,

This thread is for those people that have just received their grab bags in the last week and are looking to trade. I've found it difficult to go through the forum and negotiate trades since everything I'm looking for seems to be spoken for already. Hopefully this thread will allow those who have had items arrive late get a fair shot at trades.

Here are the shirts I got in the last couple grab bags but have not worn. (Mainly Duplicates) I am looking for Pop Culture stuff in return.



and finally, I received 3 of the following in my last grab bag, 2 available for trade...

You can contact me directly at dale clarke at m t s dot net for trades. (remove spaces)
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    133 weeks ago
    Bump. Everyone should be able to trade, regardless of when their bag arrives. Without trading, grab bags are wasteful endeavors.
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    85 weeks ago
    WTT: Across the Starry Night M2XL
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    85 weeks ago
    I have a 2XL Necronomicon (Evil Dead) shirt from my last Grab bag that I will never wear...anyone want to trade lemme know. [email protected]

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