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rss 134 weeks ago
Hey all! I have 7 women’s size XL shirts for trade.
I have been ripped off before so I would need you to email to chat first.
[email protected]
What I have to give
Harrow’s Security
Flash Drive
Trader Jawa
Draper’s Bar
Bacon and Eggs
Sing along with the horrible doctor
I also have one Men’s XL shirt that I will only trade for another men’s XL shirt:
One Ping Only

What I want:
Here is a list of tees I want from the last grab bag. I am also willing to trade for shirts from before the grab bag so run them by me. I’m really interested in anything Breaking Bad, Dexter, Stargate, Horror shows/movies and really random obscure stuff.
Dead Men walking
Zombie Nouveau
Game Over Man
Jason’s Arsenal
Johhny’s School of Dance
Ride the Falcon
** Really really want: Paws up

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    134 weeks ago
    I didn't realize that there was a huge trade thread, sorry to post and knock others back :(
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    134 weeks ago
    I have a Men's Medium Jason's Arsenal if you'd like to trade that for the Sing Along with the Horrible Doctor shirt.
    Let me know [email protected]
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    134 weeks ago
    Just traded Dr. Horrible, bummer...

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