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rss 134 weeks ago
Hello, I have some shirts up for trade from the Decemeber Grab Bag. These shirts are never worn/ washed. They are also all Mens Small

Up for trade:
Undead Gentleman's Game
He's dead Jim
Radioactive Ribs
That's Frank Folks
Portal Who

Especially Looking For:
The Only Way to Fly
Lucky ThunderCat

Contact me through this thread or directly at my email: [email protected]

*Just a heads up, I will automatically turn down any shirt that's brown. No matter how awesome the design is, i'll look horrible on me :I
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    132 weeks ago
    I have a peanuts/firefly mens medium that I got in the grab bag, not being interested in firefly, and not a fan of peanuts I'm looking to trade that if you're interested?

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