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rss 135 weeks ago
Yes, it's another trade post. Sorry.

2 Men's Large up for Trade:

Who Needs A Doctor

Paws Up

Up for most trades. I would like to say I prefer to trade within the US to keep shipping costs down. My email is cws1001@
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    134 weeks ago
    So anyone? Please anyone?

    Looking for really anything in Men's Large or XL especially if it relates to Firefly, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and video games
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    134 weeks ago
    I've got a mens large I would totally trade for your Who Needs A Doctor!
    reply or email me if you're game! [email protected]
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    134 weeks ago
    like your paws up
    i have monster damacy nov 28
    flash drive nov 18
    coffee nov 5
    pitbull hoverboards
    all ml unwahsed/unworn
    [email protected]
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    134 weeks ago
    I've got Kremlins in a Men's Large ( which I'd love to trade for your "Who Needs A Shirt" if it's still available. [email protected]
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    134 weeks ago
    Sorry meant to update this, but Who Needs A Shirt has been traded.
    And I've contacted Aschan1323 about Paws Up
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    130 weeks ago
    So the Who Needs A Shirt trade didn't happen. So if anyone is interested contact me.
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    128 weeks ago
    I'm still looking to get rid of these shirts in Men's Large:
    [C]hemistry [Ru}les -
    Lighthouse Lounge -
    Sonic Mark VI -

    I might even consider a 2 for 1 deal for the right shirt (like Bounty Hunter) but I'm open to all trades. I also have a "Timelord and Proud" and the "Trust Us Folks" Doctor Who tee from last week I was planning on keeping, but I might be persuaded to trade them too. Drop me an email at brandon.boese [at] gmail [dot] com

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