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rss 134 weeks ago
I know there are big threads for all the grab bag trades, but I have a kind of weird shirt for trade.

I have a Navy Beatles' men's XL. I don't think it was ever up for sale, how ever. I can't find it ANYWHERE in the grave yard. The shirt is just a plain dark navy and all the print is in white. It's basically shirt with tons of beatles images around it.

The other one is a Women's M 'Death before Dishonor' shirt. The Star Trek one.

My priority is to trade for the same sizes, but I can trade up in size, just none smaller in the respective genders. I really, really want to trade the Beatle's shirt. I got the men's for my boyfriend and he absolutely HATES the beatles. >_<; I also know nothing about Star Trek. I'm willing to trade the women's for a men's, too though, if need be.

My email is: [email protected]

Please email or post if interested.

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