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rss 135 weeks ago
We've seen quite a few shirts of the two of them in that red-wagon pose riding a... whatever and referencing a number of shows or movies. Considering the comments, some folks seem to be getting sick of this style but I think that's mainly due to the similarity from shirt to shirt.

Calvin & Hobbes offers a ton of poses styles that could be used to reference shows & movies and not get stale if a sufficient amount of variety is introduced.

One example I think would work great - the Hobbes pouncing or chasing Calvin. How about a Lost reference (if people aren't completely sick of that) with the polar bear pouncing one of the characters?

There are plenty of other poses that would work better with referencing other material without resorting to one specific pose for everything under the sun, I'm sure other users have ideas (I smurf at art otherwise I'd consider submitting something :P ).

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