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Hi everyone!

Am really hoping one of you lovely folks can help me out!

I saw the Class of 85 tee yday and really wanted to buy it. Most of the characters on it are the inspiration for the children's writing I do now - I'll probably never find another tee with both Wolfgang and Mouth on it! To cut a long story short, I had to go to two exams yesterday and then Christmas shopping, and I didn't have a chance to purchase it when I got home (UK time difference etc) I actually woke up in a Teefury panic at 6am and then saw the tee had changed to the new one!

If anyone is still reading after my long explanation and happened to buy TWO of these shirts, or has decided they don't want theirs after all, I will willingly buy it from you! I also have a whole bunch of WL, a WM and a ML from previous purchases to trade (all unworn) and am expecting a few tees in the grab bag. I'd be looking for a women's L or a Men's S/M ideally. Please email me at [email protected] if you can help, it would really make my Christmas!!

Thank you! Merry Xmas Teefurians!! xxx

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    135 weeks ago
    Sorry ssmurf that! Just found it on another tee site :)) Thanks anyway :)

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