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rss 135 weeks ago
There was one here a while ago that I loved, "Objects in Space":
It wasn't solely about Farscape, but it was fantastic!

Farscape shirts seem to be available in two types:
1. The basic marketing shirt, where there is something like a picture and the word "Farscape" on it.
Like this:
But I don't like these.
2. Where Farscape is one part of a larger theme (like the teefury shirt in the link above). These are hard to find.

While I really like the ones where Farscape is one part of a larger theme, I would love to see a creative shirt that focuses solely on Farscape.

I wish there were more clever Farscape shirts out there and I wanted to express it somewhere where people would get what I'm talking about. Anyone?
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    45 weeks ago
    Yes, CharlotteC, I can feel your pain. My first search on TeeFury was for Farscape theme, as I could not find anything I like out there, but to no avail - what the frell?! It has got such potential - would LOVE a Scorpio-themed image...

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