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rss 136 weeks ago
Hey gang, just out of curiosity does anyone know how prompt TeeFury is compensating their artists? I've been working with an...other site...and their lack of compensation and communication is really starting to concern me. Thanks.
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    136 weeks ago
    I was paid here, TeeFury, within about a week. I knew exactly how many I'd sold by a live sales tracker.

    Another place that I've been printed paid me within 2 days but they didn't have a live sales tracker.

    Yet another place hasn't gotten around to informing me of my sales figures nor have they paid me yet. But I have faith they will.

    And the other other place I'm printed tracks my sales daily and pays me monthly.

    All the businesses doing what TeeFury do have different ways of dealing with artists and they all have their plus and minus points.

    Regardless of the fact that TeeFury are a bit slow to reply to artists (and you don't get notified of a rejection), they are definitely somewhere you should try to get printed if you can.

    TeeFury's MJ and Jimiyo wouldn't know a hard days work if it bit them on the behind ;) But they are trustworthy and the sales figures here are worth your patience and persistence if you have quality designs to submit.

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