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This is my most recent submission to Teefury. It's basically a parody/mash-up of two games I and many other people love and play often. I wanted to design a Plants verses Zombies shirt but give the Plants a new secret weapon of sorts… So instead of birds getting "sling-shotted" through the air in the normal Plants verses Zombies game version, they're now being shot into the air via a dual pod Pea Shooter plant. The Angry birds cadets are being propelled for an air assault on Zombie enemy's as a sort of basic training/ flight training exercise. One lands in the hands of a brain eating Zombie much to the displeasure and surprise of the Angry Bird who now looks frightened instead of angry as usual.

Design drawn and inked by myself and digitally colored by the Web-comic/Illustrator/Graphic designer TrulyEpic:

Comments welcomed!


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    136 weeks ago
    My apologies for the duplicate post... It wasn't attaching the image or allowing me to edit post. So I had to re-do the post.


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