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rss 137 weeks ago
A comment on the grab bag today got me thinking. There should be a way to label your account as a trader account and this action would then open your account to reviews on your past trades so people have a better idea on who they are trading with. Doesn't need to be full on reviews but just enough to know that the person is an honest trader.

Now I know this isn't what the site is for and that they most likely don't stand behind the trading since there is a chance it could go bad. But I think most of us have had good experiences with trading from the grab bags (along with the normal daily shirts) and this type of a system would encourage more people to not only trade but in fact buy more grab bag shirts because they'd feel safer about trading them, so it would really be a win-win for the site, right?

Just wanted to get my thought out there and see what anyone else thought about it.
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    137 weeks ago
    I started a group on fbook

    I was thinking that there could be a discussion on the page dedicated towards trading experiences, upping the credibility of the trade.

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