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Now that the heat has died down from the last grab bag, I figured I would relist these shirts. They're all Men's Large and unworn.

T-Rexes vs. UFOs

A Boys Imagination

And this one I'm willing to part with, but only for the right offer.

Final Samurai VII

Here are the designs I'd be interested in the most, otherwise I'd be more than willing to sell them:

Neko Bus Stop
Quidditch House Outfitters
Team Zissou
Always Sunny
Brute Squad
Serenity Sake
Lightkatana Fight
Snitches Be Crazy
El Boba

Post here or send me a message at brianerichey @ and I'll respond post-haste! Thanks!
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    137 weeks ago
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    137 weeks ago
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    137 weeks ago
    Uh-oh, another grab bag. Gonna give this another bump before the flood of posts come pouring in.

    FYI, I'd sell both T-Rexes and Imagination together for $22 (including shipping.)
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    131 weeks ago
    i'm in! mrkroly at geemail

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