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rss 139 weeks ago
What's Up,
Alright, I have a couple of questions. First, what setting do you set in say photoshop, when starting your project? 640x800 at 300dpi? 15x19 inches? When uploading an image, do you send it as a jpeg, pdf,etc...?
Thank You

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    139 weeks ago
    start your design 300 dpi and the inches it needs on the actual shirt (maxium is 15*19inches).

    the 640 x 480px is ONLY for the preview picture (the mockup) you'll finally send to TeeFury to be judged.

    in case they like what they see, they'll contact you and ask for the high resolution files. so NEVER EVER, under NO circumstances try to get your design done in 640x800 resolution (or resize it to that size unless you're working on your submission preview)

    it's a good idea to put the colours into separate layers, makes it easier for you to tweak stuff and for TeeFury to get the design print ready
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    139 weeks ago
    Nice, thanks, that's all the info I should need....
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    139 weeks ago
    I've been doing 3000x2250 at 300dpi and when design is done extracting a jpg version at the required 640x800 spec for submission. I also seem to remeber reading a thread where teefury suggested it could 800x640 as long as its under 500kb in size.....

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