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rss 126 weeks ago
Hi this is one I have recently submitted just wondering if anyone thought it was TEEFURY worthy
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    126 weeks ago
    I like it! I would try to vary the line width of some of the lineart because it would add some depth to the image.

    Even better would be if you drew it by hand (Right now it looks like you drew it on paint. Don't get me wrong, it looks really cool, but it's tough to get a realistic effect in paint). If you don't have access to a scanner lots of public libraries have them, if you are in college, I bet you have access to one. Heck, even taking a photo of the drawing and then outlining it in Photoshop or GIMP would work.

    I love the idea, but I think it would be alot better if you drew it by hand. I hope this advice is helpful.

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