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rss 126 weeks ago
Here is what I've tried to sketch for my idea so far of a mock Sports Championship Matchup shirt for the National BASEketball League. It shows the Denslow Cup V matchup of the Milwaukee Beers and the Dallas Felons. The shirt will be a royal blue color.This shirt needs to be made since it's such a popular cult movie with Matt Stone and Trey Parker. This would be a must buy for any fans of them including South Park fans and also with the success of their broadway show Book of Mormon. Also would be nice to have a Sports shirt to the Tee Fury Collection. Any feedback, ideas, or if anyone wants to help drawing it would be greatly appreciated.

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    126 weeks ago
    I do think the shirt could have a little humor in by having two BASEketballs on the shirt, like Matt and Trey did on the Baseketball movie poster.

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