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rss 140 weeks ago
I have an idea/sketch and blueprint for a tee-shirt of a hilarious sports comedy movie from the 90s. ( you probably can guess which it is) This is one of my favorite films and would love to see my idea and dream come to life of this tee. I am not a great artist nor well versed in photoshop, so I would like to see if any great artists out there I can communicate with and can draw the design of what will be a very cool and awesome shirt!!!!
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    140 weeks ago
    i'll let you guys know that i'm looking to do a BASEketball Shirt =)
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    140 weeks ago
    Here is what I had in mind:


    I want a big baseketball and inside you have the Denslow Cup V Logo in the middle (the sweet spot) to the left the Milwaukee Beers Logo and to the right the Dallas Felons Logo. Maybe have the Baseketball title lettering above the ball. With a royal blue color shirt. It's sort of having and wearing a mock Sports Championship Matchup shirt, since these are ficitional teams. Any help, suggestions, or any drawings are appreciated.

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