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rss 141 weeks ago
Hi colleagues,

I am quite new at this, but here are some submissions I have sent in.
Now the yoshi jurassic MashedPotato I realized after the fact someone has already jumped on it, so im sure it will be a pass. but specifically what are your thoughts on the killer butterfly and the frodo pic?
also (ignore the mario in the pipe) i have no intention of adding that to a shirt design that was more or less a doodle that got to colouring)and also for your entertainment lolz.
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    141 weeks ago
    also I failed apparently at adding the pic to thread properly.
    i used on either side of link, what went wrong?
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    141 weeks ago
    just copy and paste into browser best I can do at this point sorry for the inconvenience.
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    141 weeks ago
    Here's that image for you:


    Looks like you have a good start on a lot of different designs. The ones that I think would work best on a t-shirt and would try to flesh out some more are the Bubble Gum, Mushroom Kingdom, and Butterfly designs.

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