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rss 128 weeks ago
Are we able to post a pic for critique?

I am working on a design that I drew and imported to illustrator.

Any ideas. thanks :-) I am thinking of putting a Meg Goomba on the design.

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    128 weeks ago
    While Meg Goomba might be kinda funny, I think you should make it more action-packed and have it be Mario/Peter Vs. Bowser/Giant Chicken, and have them duking it out. As it is right now, it's a great concept, but it's a "boring" design (he's just standing there, looking angry...why? Peter Griffin is a big happy-go-lucky dude and he should have that big, goofy smile like Mario is always smiling, you know what I'm saying?).
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    128 weeks ago
    JohnHouse has a great idea. Not only is that a more interesting and compelling visual image it would also help give you an opportunity to avoid copyright by obscuring faces with fists and arms flying. I think most companies aren't going to want to chance just printing an image of Peter Griffin in a different out fit.

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