Hey there guys this is my first post and WIP here on these forums.

Just thought I'd share an idea I was thinking of submitting after watching Blue Harvest again whilst feeding our new born son. The R2/Cleveland character in it is a crackup, so I'd love to see him on a shirt!

Here's 2 designs I've been tossing about, so love to see what you think!

Yorz Trooly, PB

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    141 weeks ago
    Sweeeeet. Gotta love Star Wars and Family Guy. Bravo
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    141 weeks ago
    Thanks beware1984, so any other comments.

    Is the design and content up to par for submission?

    Since I'm new to all this would this design cause legal complications?

    Should I shave my legs or leave them be?

    Thanks in advance.
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    141 weeks ago
    The top design (r2a.jpg) is spot on. Very funny.

    Don't change anything.
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    140 weeks ago
    I'd have to buy this, that's how we do it in my town.

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