I am a little disappointed with the lack of Halloween, Spooky, Dracula, zombie etc. shirts considering the time of year. I just seems like a missed opportunity.
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    142 weeks ago
    We actually started our Halloween/horror stuff in late September to make sure that even international folks had a chance to get a shirt in time for the holiday. Here are some of the Halloweenish tees you might have missed since then:

    I'm Loving IT by NikHolmes
    Jason's Arsenal by adambalais
    Love Cthulhu by jimiyo
    Tales from the Zone by ninjaink
    Who Needs a Shirt (Doctor Who costume) by kal5000
    Radioactive Ribz by R-evolution GFX
    Zombie Hunter Coat of Arms by Bamboota
    Undead Gentleman's Game by nakedderby

    Most of these are tees with a horror theme, but that could be worn the rest of the year as well. Sorry if none of them were your cup of tea, though- be sure to let us know in the Suggestion Box if there's anything you're hoping for in the future!
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    142 weeks ago
    Cool, I got three of the eight, I guess I missed a couple.

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