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rss 142 weeks ago
Ok my computer and drawing skills smurf. I have an idea for a Dr Who mash up that I think would be a hit on here.
I even ran the idea by my wife and she loved it and said if I could find a shirt like it, she would wear it. She hates Dr Who, but said she would wear it.
I would post it on here, but afraid someone else may try to yank it and say it was their idea. I have searched other sites and I don't see it and done many searches.
If interested, email me at [email protected] and we can work on something. I think this could be a great idea.
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    142 weeks ago
    You should probably hit Google first, to make sure no one's done it. You would be very surprised at all the Dr. Who stuff that's out there...and not all of it can be found directly on Google or Google Images.
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    142 weeks ago
    I've never done a collab before and have been wanting to do a Dr. Who design. I just recently started watching the series with the 11th doctor.

    I'll shoot you an email and see if you think my style will fit with your idea.

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