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rss 129 weeks ago

Kept this version two colors on Army Green.

I can't remember if they used the term "roamers" on the show yet but they might in the next episode or so, he he. What are you thinking with the barn?

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    129 weeks ago
    You left some white space in the design I don't think you meant to leave...under the main zombie's middle finger (even if you didn't mean to leave it there, it might be better if that was blackened in rather than left white)? Otherwise a good job.
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    129 weeks ago
    Yeah now that you mention it, it needs either a line to define the finger or like you say just black it out. Thanks.
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    129 weeks ago
    I love the idea of a Walking Dead shirt! I'm a huge fan!
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    128 weeks ago
    Reeeeeeally like this shirt. Especially in that army green.
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    127 weeks ago

    There's the comp, updated with John suggestion.

    On a side note not worthy of it's own thread:

    This little guy is available Nov 8-10. Check out my
    Facebook for details


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