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rss 143 weeks ago
I have "Bad Flu" in a Men's Medium. It's the one with the panda sneezing so hard the other panda's black comes off. :)

I would trade for any of these in a Men's M

Best Buddies
Monkeying Around
Destroy All Humans
Doc Fink
Snitches be crazy
G Crest
Hogwarts Mail
Flesh Wound
Death Rock
You Have A New Follower
Guided Tours
Long Live Charlie Pace
Adventure Wars
We Don't Need Roads
Bluth Man Group
Sonic Vortex
We Don't Need Roads
Super Maui-O!
Bacon & Eggs

I will also entertain any other offers including buying it from me or buying a future shirt for me. Thanks!

Email me a [email protected]

Happy trading!
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    142 weeks ago
    I reaalllly want Guided Tours if anyone has it.
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    140 weeks ago

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