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rss 144 weeks ago
hey guys, what do think of this pee-wee/jambi the genie/jamba juice shirt?

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    144 weeks ago
    uh to be honest it needs work. I don't personally get the reference but pretending i do, i'm going to try to help fix this.

    Firstly the pink you used is painful to look at and it clashes heavilly with the green in the worst way. I think the face should be probably completely redone.

    After googling Jambi, it's not terribly far off, but the entire face, turban and all is very asymmetrical and tilted. The white dots look lazy and out of place. If youre going to use them, make a more discernible pattern.

    As a fan of jamba juice, i really don't see any connection beyond the name Jamb_. You could somehow include the tornado-y thing.

    i'm really sorry but the design is just not very strong. it's a good effort but i think no feedback is worse than feedback on the negative side. :/
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    144 weeks ago
    I only agree with Darth above in that Jambi himself could be stronger. I completely get the reference (big Pee Wee fan here) and think it's hilarious, but the drawing of Jambi is a little weak.
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    144 weeks ago
    I agree with Darth on the color scheme

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