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rss 145 weeks ago
Why must billing address country and shipping address country be the same? I want to buy todays t-shirt as a gift for someone in America, but as far as I can see, I have to have it shipped to Denmark and then send it to America, because I don't have a shipping adress in America.

Can anyone clarify?
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    145 weeks ago
    I would like to know that too, currently in Netherlands for Uni exchange and am unable to buy the shirts using my home card and ship it to the netherlands.
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    145 weeks ago
    This is a fraud prevention measure. I know it smurfs, but unfortunately a LOT of the purchases made that way are done with other people's money and without their consent.

    Sorry dudes :(
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    145 weeks ago
    wait ... what?! that,'s new, isn't it?
    so it's not possible to send people shirts to other countries, and paying for them anymore? seriously?

    now that's ... not good. means: whenever I have a design printed and want to celebrate this by having a give-away, I would have the shirts to be sent to me (in Germany) first to send them around the world for loads of cash?

    last time I did this I paid like $7 for having the shirt sent here and another $28(!) for having it sent back back to the US(!!).

    I guess the future of give-aways just died ...

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