I have two brand new t-shirts available for sale or trade from two grab bags ago. In regards to trade I would want brand new men's XL shirts or brand new women's M shirts. Subjects I like most revolve around Star Wars, Super Mario, Video Games or various show/movie content. Feel free to post anything you are willing to trade though and I will consider all offers.

Also, if ANYBODY has a Mos Eisley Cantina/Cheers XL mens shirt available for purchase please let me know!!! I missed that shirt and was terribly sad about that. I usually check Teefury every day but of course on the one day that I don't I missed that shirt and I really, really loved that design.

One of the shirts I have available is the Harry Potter: Magic Within design:

Harry Potter: The Magic Within

The other I have is the Star Trek: Federation United design:

Star Trek: Federation United

Just reply to this thread if interested and link images to the shirts you are offering.

Thank you!
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    145 weeks ago
    I would like to purchase both shirts!
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    145 weeks ago
    Would you like any of the following for the Harry Potter one:

    Gangs of Mushroom Kingdom
    Our Lady of Sunnydale
    Game of Crossbones
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    145 weeks ago
    Evilash713 said: I would like to purchase both shirts!

    Excellent, as I would love to sell both shirts to you.

    For your protection & mine I think the best way to go about this is through paypal.

    Email me & we can figure it out: [email protected]

    Gholla20, unfortunately no I am not interested in any of those shirts. Thanks for offering though.

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