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rss 146 weeks ago
I'm looking to trade all three of my tees, all unworn/unwashed except for TTFN, which I tried on once to see how it would fit.

I was considering keeping Ta Ta For Now because it is absolutely adorable. MS is a little small around the chest for me though, so I'm willing to trade TTFN in for either a WXL or a totally different shirt.

I'll take anything Doctor Who and Harry Potter, but I will consider any offer I'm offered. I'll definitely trade in any of my shirts for the following:

You can contact me at [email protected] or reply here. Just say TeeFury or the like in the subject line. Thanks for looking! :)
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    146 weeks ago
    Mudder's Milk is spoken for. I still have TTFN and Three Fury, and I will hear any offers. I especially want to get rid of Three Fury, although that might be a pipe dream, haha.

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