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rss 146 weeks ago
I have a Men's Medium Let's Cook and Whodiwasi tee for trade and really want to get rid of these shirts. I am interested in:
Teenage Mutant Koopa Troopas
Ta Ta For Now
Any Portal
Any Arrested Development besides Bluth Family Crest
Any Dexter
Senzu Bean
Zombie Warning

Let me know if you have anything else too cause I am open minded and we could work out a three way trade if need be. My email is [email protected], but you can also post on here.
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    146 weeks ago
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    146 weeks ago
    Aw man, i already traded my Koopa Troopas shirt
    Here are other shirts that i have:
    Gotta Bunch Of'Em MEN MEDIUM
    Horribly Evil MEN XL
    Intersect Dev Team MEN XL
    Let's GoBias MEN SMALL
    Let's GoBias MEN XXL
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    146 weeks ago
    Id love the whodiwasi =)
    i only have a large hench tee
    would you be interested in that?
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    146 weeks ago
    Hi, I'm interested in the Whodiwasi. I have Ta Ta For Now, but it's in a men's small. If you're still interested, please let me know!
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    146 weeks ago
    Sorry I can only really wear Medium Tees, but I would hae loved the Tigger shirt!
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    146 weeks ago
    I would also be willing to trade either shirt to someone that is willing to buy an upcoming tee for me instead.
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    145 weeks ago
    Whodiwasi is now gone, now only have "Let" and will trade for a lot. I really wanna get rid of this

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