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rss 146 weeks ago
Its not completely finished but I would love to get some feedback, especially on the logo at the bottom...


Its the new york skyline with teds GNB building. 'Mosbius Designs' was his architecture firm.
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    146 weeks ago
    I'm not sure, I think it needs something else.
    Also the shade of blue used for Mosbius Designs seems a bit too bright maybe?
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    146 weeks ago
    Maybe if you add only detail to the GNB bulding so that not only does it stand taller but stands out from all the other buildings around it.

    As for the text, the font seems to work. Though it seems very separate from image. And it might be like dandt pointed out the color.

    You could do a font that's very long and narrow to repeat what's happening with the buildings. Or maybe the blue banding needs to meet up to the edge of the image.

    It's lacking that certain something, it is hard to put into words.

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