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rss 146 weeks ago
Just got my grab bag today and I'm willing to trade:

(this is the red communist facebook's pretty sweet actually)

(Back To The Future design)

(R2-D2 spray-painting Leia on the wall)

I'm interested in the Firefly shirts, mainly Serenity Browncoats, Browncoats Forever, and Shiny

.....but I'll consider other offers. I'm not into Buffy, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Lost, or other modern TV shows (except Firefly!). If you don't have a trade, I'll consider selling. You can post here but I prefer to be emailed since this post will probably be buried. email me at -- [email protected]
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    146 weeks ago
    anyone? Still looking for Firefly shirts but will consider other offers.
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    146 weeks ago
    I have hammer out homelessness and district-13 mocking jays mens L unworn and new.Interested to trade for graff droid?
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    146 weeks ago
    i have Super Sloth-

    and Winchester Bros Racing-

    i'd take the we don't need roads from you, toyman, or your District 13 mockingjays shirt from you, Jdelgadillo.

    you can email me at [email protected]

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