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rss 146 weeks ago
My friend, who doesn't have an account -which is why I'm doing this-, recently received 3 teefury tees from the grab bag that she would like to trade. From what I understand there are no trade shirts she has in mind, so all offers will be considered. Her shirts are as follows...

Senzu: Energy Bean

Combustible Lemonade

It's a Show About Nothing!

If you'd please be kind enough to offer any trades for my dear friend, I'd be most grateful. Also, if you could post a little link to your shirts design or your email so I can give it to her and you two can converse the deal that way.
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    146 weeks ago
    I assume she wants to trade for Women's Mediums? I'm interested in Senzu: Energy Bean :)
    I have Afterlife All-Stars and Brute Squad

    I also have, in woman's large, Bluth Man Group and Linus. Just putting that out there in case she doesn't mind the bigger size.

    E-mail is [email protected] if she's happens to be interested in any of these :)
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    146 weeks ago
    I'm interested in the Senzu Energy Bean one. I have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Troopas to trade in women's medium as well.
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    146 weeks ago
    I'll send her a FB message with links to all offered shirts and see if she wants any of them.
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    146 weeks ago
    Email me at [email protected] if she's interested and we'll sort out details. =]
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    146 weeks ago
    If you haven't traded them all yet:

    What I've got (all in WM):
    Kessel Fun Run
    Hey Mister Mister
    Brute Squad
    LaurAtlas Peahardy
    Biff's Auto Detailing

    What I'd like?
    Anything Buffy-related, particularly Our Lady of Sunnydale and Watcher's Council
    Harry Potter (esp. Ravenclaw Quidditch)
    Dr Horrible
    Sci-Fi Cussing
    Back To Future Fun Run

    There's probably some other stuff I'd like but can't think of right now.. make an offer!

    Email me at slaymaster.general [at] with any offers

    Oh and I'm in Australia if that changes anything.
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    146 weeks ago
    I have yellow TTFN tigger Small W,
    red Lo Pans Chinese Buffet Small W,
    gray Hungry Hungry Hippos feeding time Medium W
    light blue Rock Em Sock Em Robots Lost Large W
    brown Serenety Browncoats (him riding the ship) Small W

    I'd LOVE a Brute Squad shirt (smaller the better) if anyone wants to trade please! coffinwife at
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    146 weeks ago
    If she still has it I'm extremely interested in Combustible lemonade. I've got the following to trade, both in Women's Medium:

    my email address is tillyfally at gmail if she's interested.
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    144 weeks ago
    sorry I was kind of fail and lost this page. I'll let her know all this, and she can deal with whether or not the offers are still good.

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