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rss 147 weeks ago
I have 2 mens XXL for trade:

Buffy shirt:

Kessel Fun Run:

Interested in Star Wars, Always Sunny, Trek, Arrested Development shirts.
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    147 weeks ago
    Would you be interested in any of these?

    Serenity Browncoats
    Long Live Charlie Pace
    Tet Corp
    Winchester Bro Racing

    I would love the kessel fun run shirt
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    147 weeks ago
    I traded the Kessel shirt already.
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    147 weeks ago
    I would desperately love to trade for the Watcher's Council shirt.
    I have:
    All brand new, unwashed, unworn, XXL.
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    147 weeks ago
    I'd happily trade it for Nouveau Generation

    email me at letsdisinfect (at) and we'll set it up!

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