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rss 147 weeks ago
Hey all. Finally got my grab bag and am willing to trade or sell them. I got:

Dire Brew

T-Rexs vs. UFOs

and the big one, Final Samurai VII

I imagine this one in particular might be more highly sought after and to be honest, I'm reaaaaally debating about letting it go, but I think I'd be able to for the right offer.

Here are the designs I'd be interested in the most:

Neko Bus Stop
Quidditch House Outfitters
Team Zissou
Always Sunny
Brute Squad

and from previous cycles:

Serenity Sake
Lightkatana Fight
Snitches Be Crazy
El Boba

Post here or send me a message at brianerichey @ and I'll respond post-haste! Thanks!
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    147 weeks ago
    Interested in the Dire Brew shirt, How much would you sell it for?

    The only grab bag I have I am willing to trade is Graff Droid.

    my email is cws1001 @

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    146 weeks ago
    If that doesn't work out, I'm also interested in the Dire Brew shirt, I have Winchester Bros Racing and Sci-Fi Cussing available to trade.
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    146 weeks ago
    Sent you an email The1stMJC, hope you see it. And I'll consider it kvolle if it doesn't work out like you said, though I must admit those wouldn't be my first choices.
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    146 weeks ago
    Dire Brew is gone. Still have the other two.
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    146 weeks ago
    Givin' this a bump.

    Still have T-Rexes vs. UFOs and Final Samurai VII.

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