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rss 134 weeks ago
I have in Men's Large:
Space Shark:
Senzu Energy Bean:
Extinct Species:
I will accept offers for Men's Medium or Large.

Shirts from this past group that I'm especially interested in include Money Swim, Neko Bus Stop, and Hey Mister Mister. Any shirts related to Dr. Horrible or Doctor Who are also great. I don't mind offers for older shirts or offers to buy shirts!

For any offers or questions, please email me: blueleopard87 (at)

I am also looking for the Star Trek shirt "The Expendables" ( featured on TeeFury last September. If you have it in decent condition in a Men's M/L and would be willing to part with it I will happily negotiate a price or I will buy for you the next 3 TeeFury shirts that catch your interest.

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